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Conditions for a car learner licence

You must always drive with someone who has held a current open driver licence for the type of vehicle you’re driving at least one year.

Obey any conditions shown on the licence.

If you get a C class (car) learner licence, you can drive a motor vehicle weighing up to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass on a road.

The learner licence is valid for three years.

You must always carry your learner licence when you drive and show it immediately to a police officer upon request.

Do not drink alcohol and then drive.

Driving with a mobile phone

Using a hand-held mobile phone is illegal when driving, even when you are stopped at traffic lights. You must pull over to a safe place to make or receive a call. However, you can drive and make or receive calls from a ’hands-free’ mobile phone kit or a CB radio.

If you are a P plate driver different rules apply, you cannot use a hands free unit, you must stop and park legally before being able to use a mobile phone.

Information taken from “Your keys to driving in Queensland” a Qld Transport publication.

Current penalties from 1.1.09 for speeding are:

UP TO 12 KM/H OVER THE LIMIT: $133 + 1 demerit point

Between 13 KM/H BUT LESS THAN 20 KM/H OVER THE LIMIT: $200 + 3 demerit points

Between 20 KM/H BUT LESS THAN 30 KM/H OVER THE LIMIT: $333 + 4 demerit points

Between 30 KM/H BUT LESS THAN 40 KM/H OVER THE LIMIT: $466 + 6 demerit points

Between 40 KM/H AND OVER: $933 + 8 demerit points and a loss of licence for 6 months.