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Sharon Hankins

Know anyone who needs driving lessons? Going for their Learners licence? I recommend Graham from Appeal Driving School. Great teacher. Patient man. (Logan City area)

Sharlene Dunn

Sharlene Dunn

Totally agree, Jordan just went for his licence and got it first go after having lessons with Graham. My daughter-in-law also has lessons with him and she likes him too.

Lesley Madden

Lesley Madden

He taught my two kids to drive! I would recommend him too.

"Appeal Driving School is a great Driving School for anyone learning to drive. Graham is one of the best driving instructors in south-east Queensland. He showed me everything I needed to learn to get my license. He made learning to drive a very pleasant and fun experiences for me. He also teaches in a very calm, patient and relaxed manner. I would recommend Appeal Driving school to anyone. Thanks Graham."
Appeal Driving school was absolutely amazing, Graham taught me to drive manual from scratch. He was always calm and patient, he made me understand what i was doing as well. He is also a very nice person and I would recommend him to anyone and I have already.
Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright

Yay Heidi!! I agree... Graham is super patient, and calm and never gets frazzled. He never made me feel inadequate and he must've done a good job cos my driving record is pretty good..... He also taught my husband to drive and he is still a brilliant driver. anytime anyone asks me about a driving school I tell them to go with Appeal.


Shirley Fryer

He taught my kids !! And they got it first time !


Over a period of approximately five weeks I had the pleasure of gaining many driving skills with Appeal Driving School. I was able to improve my general driving and learn the manoeuvres required for a driving test in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. My driving lessons were conducted by a patient and friendly instructor whose guidance helped me gain experience and knowledge in a variety of situations which may be encountered while driving.

Thanks again Amanda Parke

My family had used Appeal Driving School in the past so I was recommended to them. I found my instructor to be friendly, helpful and very patient even in the times I did make mistakes. I would recommend Appeal Driving School to budding new drivers as the best and patient driving schools around.
Cheers Toni Morris.
I had about 5 lessons with Appeal Driving School. Thank you for every lesson as they were all worthwhile. I would like to point out some aspects of your lessons that were effective for me. (a) teaching me the simple things about a car like why I should not leave my car parked in neutral. This was really good because I didn't really know anything about cars and that this could stop my car from rolling away after I park it. (b) You focused on exactly what I was doing wrong, like clutch coasting. (c) You made sure you were persistent in correcting what I was doing wrong as I was doing it out of habit and you were trying to break the habit. (d) Your guidance about what the driving test was going to be like and the way you prepared me for it was great.
Keep ensuring that you respond to each individual's needs like you did for me.
Thank you, my driving is going great.

Joanna Martin